About Us

Who's project is this? We are a small team of people who share passion for bikes, cars and ...programming. Back in 2014, one of our colleagues wanted to buy new tyres for his Toyota and went online to search for some. However he was unable to do so as there was not a single online store (and still isn't, except for us) that would have majority of Azerbaijan's tyre dealers/sellers on it. As a result he forgot what he was looking for, phoned the remaining members of the team and registered the domain 'Tekerler.az' ("Wheels.az" was acquired at a later stage). 

So what is 'Tekerler.az' exactly? Just like it says above, 'Tekerler.az' is a website that serves as an online marketplace for tyre shoppers, sellers and re-sellers. The website has already aggregated hundreds of new and used tyres from tens of dealers/tyre-centres and private sellers from all over Azerbaijan. 'Tekerler.az' is the ONLY website of its kind; It represents 70% of Baku's tyre-market already and the database is constantly growing.

What is(are) your goal(s)? Well, the initial strategy is to prove commercial viability of the project. We need about 200,000 unique visitors per day to achieve this! However our main goal is to get a Milli Net Award for «The best project in the field of e-commerce» in the year 2016. 

How long have you been 'live' for? Founded in 2014, it has taken us almost two years to launch the website. This was partly due to our belief in 'Quality over Quantity' and partly due to some other macro-factors. You have to understand that creating a fresh website with neat design, is a long and painstaking process. Also, our team simply refused to create another quick, outdated and dull '.az' website, there are plenty of those on the market already!

How do you make money? We don't own, nor do we receive percentage from sales of, tyres that you see on the website. That is because we are in the business of e-commerce and not tyre-retail. For this reason, our sole source of income is from the 'Quota' and 'Quick Sale' payments that users make. This, combined with the fact that we don't outsource, doing all the coding ourselves, makes maintaining the website a 24/7 job for all of us. Having worked so hard to get ourselves up to this stage, we are determined on working even harder to become No.1 Tyre Advertisement Website in Azerbaijan & Georgia - this is a guarantee.

Other domains linked to 'Tekerler.az': 'CarsInBaku.az', 'Wheels.az' or 'Kalesa.az'.


Wheels.az Team

P.S. Yes, we do know that 'колёса' is spelt with an 'o' but domain 'Kolesa.az' is owned by our colleagues in Kazakhstan.



Information Security

Since we take security of your information very seriously, we paid special attention when constructing website's firewall, all possible loops have been removed and every character within the script has been improved to perfection. You can hence rest assured that all of your personal details are safe with us.

Quality Control

By asking our Corporate Clients for manufacturers' certificates of their stock and its compliance with international standards, we make sure that the tyres you view are of high quality and safe to use. All of our Corporate Clients are also our friends and together we work hard on finding the tyres you're looking for.

Contact Us

Have a question or experiencing technical issues? No problem! Our highly experienced team has the knowledge and passion to help. Whether it's a bug on a website or an error with your payment! You can get help by calling us on 050-679-34-35 or dropping an email to info@tekerler.az.